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What Happens AFTER The Divorce? Tips On Preventing Post-Decree Litigation

You went to court; the Judge took your testimony; and a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage was entered. You think the horrific experience of going through a divorce is finally over, but you and your ex-spouse continue to have difficulty working together on issues that you thought were resolved. You are constantly arguing over… Read More »

How To Prepare Your Financial Affidavit in Illinois

During the divorce process, each party is required to disclose the following: their income, expenses, assets, debts and other financial-related items. Disclosure is done through filling out a financial affidavit, through formal discovery, and by other means. All courts in Illinois now use a state-wide financial affidavit form that is available online. Effective with… Read More »

What Does “Sole Custody” Really Mean?

It is a story that has been dominating the tabloids for weeks: Angelina Jolie is trying to get sole custody¹ of the children she and her soon-to-be ex, Brad Pitt have together. While the public does not know the details of the Jolie Pitt case, I can say that obtaining sole custody is not… Read More »

Tips For A Great Holiday Season, Despite Your Divorce

Going through a divorce or being divorced during the holidays can be extremely painful. The pressure of having fun and spending time with friends and family can be difficult to handle, especially if the divorce is fresh, when raw emotions are still there. That said there are some things you can do to ensure… Read More »

Strictly Business: The Importance of Keeping Your Emotions out of the Courtroom

Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to every divorce. What most people don’t think about though is that there are two sides to divorce for each person – the legal side and the emotional side. The legal side is the aspect of divorce that involves many important… Read More »

What Happens After The Divorce Is Final?

After a divorce is finalized, I find that most of my clients feel an extreme sense of relief, and even happiness, as a long and complicated burden has been lifted, and the terms of their new life are printed on paper. But while a finalized divorce provides a sense of security and takes away… Read More »

Home Sweet Home Not Always Sweet When Selling A Home During Divorce

Many divorcing couples are faced with a common problem – who gets the house? When there are no minor children involved, the decision is often a function of economics. Because two households are more expensive to maintain than one, most divorcing couples will experience a decrease in their lifestyle after the case is over,… Read More »

Divorce Attorneys Who Look At Every Angle

One of the many things that distinguish Katz & Stefani from our competitors is our ability to listen to our clients, determine their specific needs and goals, analyze the facts and law of the case, and craft a resolution that meets the client’s specific needs and goals. Our ability to “look at every angle”… Read More »

How Big Losses Can Get You Big Gains In Your Divorce Settlement

One of the less scandalous election news topics in the past week was the New York Times article exposing portions of Donald Trump’s 1995 income tax returns and concluding that his $918 million loss declared in that year could have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for the next 18 years. What… Read More »

An Overview Of Prenuptial Agreements: Practical Do’s and Don’ts

Talking about a prenuptial agreement with your future spouse is never a pleasant topic. The conversation can be awkward and uncomfortable, and can result in hurt feelings. However, given the unexpected nature of the future, many couples choose to move forward with a prenuptial agreement because it can offer some certainty and peace of… Read More »

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