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Parental Alienation: Why It Occurs And How Courts May Rule On The Issue

The practice of family law can be extremely difficult. When couples are involved in the divorce process they are experiencing the worst crisis of their lives. Over my 30 years in practice, I have successfully led my clients through this crisis. It is extremely rewarding to see my clients complete the process and successfully begin the… Read More »

College Expenses and Your Divorce

College is expensive. That is a simple fact, and usually a major challenge for most parents and young adults. Many twenty-somethings are saddled with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loan debt with no plan on how to pay it off. But children of divorced (or never married) parents have another hurdle to… Read More »

Considerations In A Divorce Involving A Disabled Child

The parents of a child with special needs have a higher divorce rate than the overall population. Unique and complicated issues can arise when parents of a child with disabilities seek a divorce. Below is an overview of issues that should be considered in a divorce involving a special needs child: Parenting Time Schedule…. Read More »

New Child Support Statute Takes Effect This Summer

Four months from now, we will all be enjoying sunshine, warm weather, our beautiful beaches and of course, the Chicago Cubs. But for those going through a divorce, July could bring changes that are more significant than the weather. The new Illinois child support statute (Public Act 99-764) takes effect in July of 2017,… Read More »

New Rule Requires Mediation For Financial Issues

For as long as I can remember, when it comes to custody issues in a divorce case, Cook County law has always required parties to mediate these issues. Now, Cook County is doing the same for financial issues. The Rule allows Courts to order litigants to mediation on financial issues. Why the change? There… Read More »

I Want That On The Record

For the record, put that on the record, we need that to be on the record, I don’t want that on the record, we need to make a record, and other references to the almost mythical “record” come up in every divorce case. Despite continuous references to the record, rarely is the record clearly… Read More »

Tips For Staying Healthy And Mindful During The Divorce Process

Like death, loss of employment or relocation, a divorce is a major upheaval in a person’s life. It is finality that a person may or may not be ready for but is forced to deal with regardless. Stress on the body and mind during the divorce process is inevitable. Therefore, how a person manages… Read More »

What Happens AFTER The Divorce? Tips On Preventing Post-Decree Litigation

You went to court; the Judge took your testimony; and a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage was entered. You think the horrific experience of going through a divorce is finally over, but you and your ex-spouse continue to have difficulty working together on issues that you thought were resolved. You are constantly arguing over… Read More »

How To Prepare Your Financial Affidavit in Illinois

During the divorce process, each party is required to disclose the following: their income, expenses, assets, debts and other financial-related items. Disclosure is done through filling out a financial affidavit, through formal discovery, and by other means. All courts in Illinois now use a state-wide financial affidavit form that is available online. Effective with… Read More »

What Does “Sole Custody” Really Mean?

It is a story that has been dominating the tabloids for weeks: Angelina Jolie is trying to get sole custody¹ of the children she and her soon-to-be ex, Brad Pitt have together. While the public does not know the details of the Jolie Pitt case, I can say that obtaining sole custody is not… Read More »

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