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Remember to do These 10 Things After Your Divorce is Finalized

After your divorce is finalized, you may find yourself burying your head in the sand and not wanting to take care of important follow-up tasks.  After all, you just went through an emotionally and financially challenging time, and you probably need a break!  While being sure to take care of yourself physically and mentally… Read More »

How to Maintain Privacy During Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings often require the filing of documents with the court that include intimate (and sometimes sordid) details of a client’s personal life. Pursuant to United States Supreme Court case law, transcripts of court proceedings, pleadings, and court orders and rulings all become a part of the public record. This effectively means that the… Read More »

Litigation Alternatives

While the Chicago Family law attorneys at Katz & Stefani are effective and experienced litigators, when possible we find it is beneficial to our clients to avoid the financial and emotional costs of extensive involvement in the court system. There are many ways cases can be resolved apart from litigation. Some possible methods are… Read More »

Personal Property: Division & Valuation

The allocation of personal property is one of the last issues any Judge or attorney wants to address. There have been numerous cases in which the parties have expended tens of thousands of dollars arguing over items such as Tupperware. Most clients understand the financial and emotional costs of litigation and that it makes… Read More »

Guarantees to Pay Divorce Attorney Fees by Relatives of Litigant

The First District on December 17, 2017 issued an opinion relating to payment of divorce attorney fees by relatives to the actual litigant who guarantee or outright agree to pay for the divorce litigants fees. Ben Goldwater v. George S. Greenberg and Denise Greenberg, 2017 IL App (1st) 163003. Enforcement of these agreements to… Read More »

Parenting Time Refusal by a Child: Strategies for the Parent Without the Majority of the Parenting Time

In the last blog, we provided guidance to a parent with the majority of parenting time seeking advice on how to facilitate and encourage parenting time for their child with the other parent. In that blog, we presumed good will and efforts by the parent with the majority of the parenting time to effectuate… Read More »

Parenting Time Refusal by a Child: Strategies for the Parent with the Majority of the Parenting Time

A client asks: “My 13 year old daughter never wants to go to her father’s house. She says it is boring and she would rather stay at my house since her friends live nearby. What should I so? What are my legal obligations?” Pursuant to Section 607.5 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of… Read More »

Does it matter when you file for divorce?

Does it matter when you file for divorce?  Yes, in a divorce case involving maintenance, the filing date of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage in Illinois may impact the term of the maintenance award.  Effective January 1, 2015, Illinois adopted “guidelines” for maintenance (otherwise known as alimony or spousal support) awards. In a… Read More »

Income Taxes and Your Divorce

When getting a divorce, you should be certain to discuss with your accountant the various tax issues that need to be considered. Additionally, it is important that provisions related to your taxes are negotiated and included in your Marital Settlement Agreement or, if your matter goes to trial, raised with the Court. Although taxes… Read More »

Legal Fees In A Divorce: Who Is Responsible?

Clients often ask their lawyers if their soon to be ex-spouse can be required to pay their legal fees at the end of a divorce case. While the Court does have the authority to order one party to contribute to the other party’s legal fees at the end of a case, it is no… Read More »

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